Wales Harp Festival

15-16 April 2025

Festival Course

Date TBC

Harpists of all ages and levels are encouraged to register for the one-day harp course – a fantastic opportunity to receive one to one and group tuition by experienced teachers and to take part in a variety of workshops and performances.

Closing date to register: TBC

Harpists of the World

This series of recorded conversations were conceived as a means of reaching out to distinguished harpists in countries all over the world to find out about their life and work and to show the  different types of harps that exist in other cultures. Over recent years, the means of connecting meaningfully over the internet by zoom or other platforms has proved to be a real boon. I have been extremely privileged, on behalf of the fifth Wales International Harp Festival,  to talk to harpists from many backgrounds and cultures to find out more about subjects that are of common interest to harpists wherever they may be. Many of the musicians play very different styles and kinds of harps – from early renaissance and Baroque harps to the Chinese Konghou, Latin American harps, the African Kora and of course the modern pedal concert harp.

As an innovation, the Festival has produced a series of online conversations with highly respected harpists who have made extraordinary contributions to the harp internationally but who are not able to be with us in person.